Hi Friends!

Hi Friends!

Welcome to Rusted Oak & Co! 

Two best friends, Nichole Puckett & Anastasia Crouch, always loved shopping together. But there was always a problem. They could never find their sizes in the same store. Why can't there be a store to offer a range of sizes for all body shapes and sizes that are FASHIONABLE? Well, look no further. Rusted Oak & Co was created just for that reason! We offer affordable boutique clothing for sizes S-3XL.

Nichole, loving wife, mom, fur mom, love for the outdoors and all things old, had a dream of owning her business. She grew up in a family owned business and is all too familiar what hard work looks like. Nichole has engaged in several entrepreneurial businesses but they never felt right. As she was out shopping for everyone, it hit her! There isn't a boutique store that offered a one stop shop experience for men's, kid's, and women's full line plus size clothing. She continues to be innovative in growing and expanding her dream. 

Anastasia graduated with a degree in business administration and minor in economics and finance but secretly always wanted to work in the fashion industry. She's always been in interested in the latest trends and appreciates more than ever the returning trends that make a comeback. She enjoys all things outdoors and the finer things life has to offer. Now, here she is, diving in head first into a wonderful chapter of her life enjoying all aspects of being a boutique owner. 

Together, Nichole and Anastasia have BIG dreams for their business and can't wait to have you all join them on this journey! 


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